Farmville 2 Game Review

Have you ever thought of a game in which you can grow your own farmland? If yes, then it’s not a dream any more. Zynga developed a new social networking game with the name of “Farmville 2” in 2009. It is a 3D game which involves many features of growing or operating your own farmland and also for inviting your friends.

Farmville 2 game 300x168 Farmville 2 Game ReviewWhen a new player enters in the game, it is an empty farmhouse with some default currency with the name of “farm coins.” This currency is required for different tasks or operating activities like plowing fields. As the game starts and the player proceeds with the game, and performs tasks like buying different item, player is awarded with the “experience points.” When these experience points accumulate up to a certain level, then new and better items are unlocked for the player. Player can use these new items to make its farm field better. As the player will perform more and more tasks, he/she will earn more resources. Player can further sell these resources to earn more coins.

Farmville 2 game is becoming more and more popular day by day due to the two major reasons:

Because of the early popularity of the Farmville launched in 2000. This older version was also very popular among people and had more than 20 million players. Moreover, there was a problem in the older Farmville. That game was energy based which means if the energy of the players comes to end, he/she can do nothing until he/she regains his or her energy. Farmville 2 is not energy based.
Farmville 2 became more popular due to its social networking aspect. Now you can invite your Facebook friends to your game. Your friends can come across your farm land and can help you in performing your tasks.

Every feature of this game is very carefully designed by Zynga. He worked hard to make the people addicted of this game and to make them invite their Facebook friends to this game. While playing this game, player will have to face a lot of troubles and limitations. Player will run out of resources many times and he/she will have to put effort to get these resources. This makes the player playing the game again and game due to the continuous interest.

Zynga is continuously adding new and attractive features in the game to make it more and more attractive for the players. For example, one new feature is “Farmville 2 sweetheart tree.” The player can build a sweetheart tree in his farm land. This farmland is just like a decorated building and has a list of goods which player can exchange with his/her friends.

In Farmville 2 game, you will have to put real money for purchasing some items. If you don’t want to put money in, you can simply invite your Facebook friends to the game and can exchange goods with them. But sometime, you will also have to put money in the game, in case your Facebook friends are not interested in this game.

Overall, Farmville 2 is an awesome game, as it makes its players creative and players can make their own customized farm field.

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